What Do You Want Beckett? You. Just You.

I'm AGirlsLife20 on twitter and pretty much everywhere else online. I'm in my twenties and work/study in the education sector. I wasn't born in New Zealand but consider it my home. In saying that I can't wait to go traveling once time and money starts working on my side.

I love TV (maybe a little too much if you ask anyone in my life) but my obsession is CASTLE!! The show, the actors, the writers, the fans, just everything connected to Castle equals LOVE!! This blog will be dedicated to Castle and everything that entails.

I'm not spoiler free on purpose but majority of the time my life is so busy I have no choice but to be spoiler free. So at times this blog may be spoiler free and at times it will most definitely not be. Just a warning for the purposely spoiler free people out there. I do admire you guys for your will power to stay off twitter and tumblr and basically internet as a whole, but I know that if it wasn't for my busy life I would most certainly not have the will power that is needed to be spoiler free.

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the saddest feeling ever is when you finish a show because you watched all of the episodes too quickly and you just want to stay inside that world for a little bit longer, but you can’t

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Colourful Always

Colourful Always

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I want a baby Caskett


I want a baby Caskett

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Stana Katic ‘s speech from the DePaul Awards for Excellence in the Arts.

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This kinda blows our theories of “what if they are reading our fan fiction stories” out of the water.

This kinda blows our theories of “what if they are reading our fan fiction stories” out of the water.

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  • me: that show looks like it could ruin my life
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: i think i'll start watching it
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Caskett - hand-sex

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Terri Edda Miller on what Stana Katic brings to the role of Beckett that no one else could have: “Her physicality. Her eyerolls, her looks to Castle, the way she moves - nobody else moves like she does or reacts like she does. I think that she’s unique that way.”